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Galaxy19 International TV Channels

Access a wide range of international satellite TV channels with our All Galaxy International Satellite TV solution. We provide reliable and comprehensive satellite TV packages that include channels from around the world. Enjoy a diverse selection of programming, including news, sports, entertainment, and more, right from the comfort of your home. Immerse yourself in a world of international entertainment with our All Galaxy International Satellite TV solution.

This list is updated often, call for detailed current info

TV ETV 2 Amharicbr / Radio Oromiyaa Radio Amharic
Radio Radio Ethiopia National Service Amharic
TV 2M Monde Arabic
TV Abu Dhabi Sports 1 Arabic
TV Al Dawri & Al Kass Sport Channel Arabic
TV Al Fayhaa TV Arabic
TV Al Hayat 2 Arabic
TV Al Kalema TV Arabic
TV Al Maghribia Arabic
TV Al Malakoot Sat Arabic
TV Al Mayadeen TV Arabic
TV Al Quraan Al Kareem TV Arabic
TV Al Sunnah Al Nabawiyah TV Arabic
TV Al-Iraqiya TV Arabic
TV Alalam News Channel Arabic
TV Alanwar TV Arabic
TV Aletejah TV promo Arabic
TV Alfady Channel Arabic
TV Alkarma TV North America Arabic
TV Alkawthar TV Arabic
TV C Sat Arabic
TV CTV Arabic
TV Canal Algérie Arabic
TV Channel 4 Teen Arabic
TV Fadak TV Arabic
TV Hod Hod TV Arabic
TV Hope Sat TV Arabic
TV IFilm Arabic
TV Iman TV Arabic
TV Jordan TV Arabic
TV KTV 1 Arabic
TV KTV Sport Arabic
TV Karbala Satellite Channel Arabic
TV LLBN Arabic Arabic
TV Libya Al Watanya Arabic
TV Logos TV Arabic
TV MEA TV Arabic
TV Oman TV Satellite Arabic
TV Palestinian Satellite Channel Arabic
TV Qatar TV Arabic
TV Salaam TV Arabic
TV Saudi Arabian TV 1 Arabic
TV Sharjah TV Arabic
TV Southern Sudan TV Arabic
TV Sudan TV Arabic
TV Syria Drama Arabic
TV Syria Satellite Channel Arabic
TV TV Tunisia 1 Arabic
TV The Healing Channel Arabic
TV The Truth TV Arabic
TV The Way TV Arabic
TV Yemen TV Arabic
Radio Emarat FM Arabic
Radio Sharjah Radio Arabic
Radio Chaîne 1 Arabic
Radio Monte Carlo Doualiya Arabic
Radio Republic of Iraq Radio Arabic
Radio Radio Oman Arabic
Radio Qatar Radio General Arabic
Radio Program One Arabic
Radio Program Two Arabic
Radio Radio Quran Arabic
Radio Umdurman Radio Arabic
Radio El-Bernameg Al-Aam Arabic
Radio Radio Sout Al-Sha'ab Arabic
Radio Radio Sout Al-Shbab Arabic
Radio Radio Nationale Arabic
Radio Aden Radio Arabic
Radio Sana'a Radio Arabic
TV Andisheh TV Farsi
TV Appadana International Farsi
TV Ariana Afghanistan TV Farsi
TV Ariana TV Network International Farsi
TV Asre Emrooz TV Farsi
TV Channel One Farsi
TV Didar Global TV Plus Farsi
TV E2 Channel Farsi
TV Ganj e Hozour TV Farsi
TV ITC Farsi
TV Imam Hussein 2 TV Farsi
TV Imam Hussein TV Farsi
TV Iran TV Network Farsi
TV Iran e Aryaee TV Farsi
TV IranProud TV Farsi
TV Jame-Jam TV Network 2 Farsi
TV MTC Farsi
TV Merci Farsi
TV NITV United Farsi
TV Omid-e-Iran Farsi
TV PMC Music Farsi
TV PNG Farsi
TV Pars TV Farsi
TV Payam-e-Afghan TV Farsi
TV Persian Bazaar TV Farsi
TV RTA Farsi
TV Rangarang TV Network Farsi
TV Simay-Azadi Iran National TV Farsi
TV Tasvir e Iran Farsi
TV Ten TV Farsi
TV Ti TV Network Farsi
TV Time TV Farsi
TV Vatan TV Farsi
TV Zarin TV Farsi
Radio RadisIn Farsi
Radio Sedaye Ashena 1 Farsi
Radio Toloo Radio Farsi
Radio Payam-e-Doost Farsi
Radio Persian Radio Farsi
Radio Radio Sedaye Iran Farsi
Radio Dimtsi Hafash
Radio European Broadcast
Radio Radio Tunis Chaîne Internationale
Radio Voice of Turkey World
Radio '70s
Radio '80s
Radio Adult Alternative
Radio Adult Top 40
Radio Arena Rock
Radio Big Band & Swing
Radio Bluegrass
Radio Blues
Radio Classic Country
Radio Classic Masterpieces
Radio Classic R&B
Radio Classic Rock
Radio Contemporary Christian
Radio Contemporary Instrumentals
Radio Dance
Radio Easy Listening
Radio Hip-Hop and R&B
Radio Hit List
TV Ahl E Bait TV
TV AssyriaSat
TV Gulfsat promo
TV Light & Blessing TV
TV Noor TV
TV TRT 6 +8
TV TV Oromiyaa
TV [NiVision TV info card]
TV ACTS Channel Thai
TV Bluesky Channel Thai
TV Dhamma Media Channel Thai
TV Armenia 1 TV Satellite Armenian
TV Kentron TV International Armenian
TV Shant ARTN Armenian
TV USArmenia Armenian
TV AzTV Azerbaijani
Radio 1 Respublika A zerbaijani
TV Peace TV Bangla Ben
TV TV 1 Bo
Radio BH Radio 1 Bo
Radio Radio Bir Bo
Radio Radio Glas Drine Bo
Radio Radio Mir Medjugorje Bo
Radio Radio Valentino Bo
TV CTI TV International Chinese
TV Hwazan Satellite TV Chinese
TV LLBN Chinese Chinese
TV HRT Satelitski Program Cr
TV Nova World Cr
TV RTL Plus Cr
Radio Glas Hrvatske Cr
Radio Narodni Radio Cr
TV BN Music Croatian
TV BN TV Satelitski Croatian
TV Pink Extra Croatian
TV Pink Plus Croatian
TV RTS Satelit Croatian
Radio Radio BN Croatian
Radio Pink Radio Croatian
Radio Radio Beograd 1 Croatian
TV 3ABN English English
TV 3ABN Proclaim English
TV Ahlulbayt TV English
TV Al Jazeera English English
TV Amazing Discoveries English
TV Amazing Facts TV English
TV Apostolic Oneness Network English
TV Bible Explorations TV English
TV CNC World English English
TV CTN English
TV CYC English
TV Chosen TV English
TV Cornerstone TV English
TV Dare to Dream Network English
TV Daystar TV English
TV Divine TV English
TV EBS TV English
TV Ebru TV Global English
TV Emmanuel TV English
TV Enlace TBN English
TV FightBox HD English
TV GCN America English
TV GlobeCast World TV promo English
TV God TV United States English
TV God's Learning Channel English
TV Good Idea TV English
TV Guide US TV English
TV Hope Channel English
TV Hope Church Channel English
TV JN 1 English
TV Juicy English
TV KSA 2 English
TV KTV 2 English
TV LLBN International English
TV Loveworld TV English
TV Miracle TV English
TV Myanmar International English
TV NTA International English
TV Fan TV Thai
TV I Channel Thai
TV Lao-Thai US TV Thai
TV NAT 5 Thai
TV NAT News Thai
TV NAT Variety & Music Thai
TV News 1 Thai
TV Nu Vision Thai
TV Thai TV Global Network Thai
TV Peace TV English English
TV Press TV English
TV RT America English
TV River Broadcasting Network English
TV SMNI English
TV Smart LifeStyle TV English
TV Smile of a Child TV English
TV SonLife Broadcasting Network English
TV TBN US English
TV The Church Channel English
TV The Cool TV English
TV The University Network English
TV The Word Network English
TV Xtsy XXX English
TV Yahweh Prophetic TV English
Radio Amen FM English
Radio CJTL Radio English
Radio Radio 74 Internationale English
Radio Radio Eden English
Radio WRN English North America English
Radio 3ABN Radio English
Radio Accent Radio Network English
Radio American Voice Radio Network English
Radio Boston Praise Radio English
Radio Geo Media Network English
Radio GlobalStar Channel 1 English
Radio GlobalStar Channel 2 English
Radio KNLB Christian Radio English
Radio Liberty Radio Network English
Radio LifeTalk Radio English
Radio Pirate Radio English
Radio Republic Broadcasting Network English
Radio Scriptures for America English
Radio The Kingdom Satellite Network English
Radio The Micro Effect English
Radio The Overcomer English
Radio World Wide First Amendment Radio English
Radio XRQK Las Vegas English
Radio Oldies
Radio Party Favorites
Radio Pop Latino
Radio Radio Etehad
Radio Radio Libertad
Radio R&B Soul
Radio Reggae
Radio Reggaeton
Radio Retro-Active
Radio Rock en Español
Radio Rock
Radio Salsa y Merengue
Radio Seasons
Radio Singers & Standards
Radio Smooth Jazz
Radio Soundscapes
Radio Taste of Italy
Radio Tejano
Radio Today's Country
Radio Radio Vaticana Telepace
Radio Radio 21
Radio International Love Songs
Radio Light Classical
Radio Lite Hits
Radio Mexicana
Radio W Radio 690 Spanish
Radio 3ABN Radio Latino Spanish
Radio ESPN Deportes 1330 Spanish
Radio Fútbol de Primera Spanish
Radio Radio Nación Spanish
TV TFC North America Tag
Radio DZMM Tag
Radio Sonshine Radio Tag
Radio Tambayan 101.9 Tag
Radio Radyo D Turkish
Radio Show Radyo Turkish
Radio TRT FM Turkish
Radio TSR Turkish
TV ORTM French
TV Tele Anacaona French
TV Tele Congo French
Radio Radio Bénin French
Radio Chaîne 3 French
Radio Radio France Internationale French
TV Duna TV Hu
Radio Duna World Radio Hu
TV Padre Pio TV Italian
TV Telepace Italian
TV CTN International Kh
TV KurdSat Kurdish
TV Kurdistan TV Kurdish
TV Kazakh TV Kz
TV Lao Champa TV La
TV Sabaidee Lao TV La
TV LRT Lituanica Lithuanian
TV MRT 2 Sat Mac
TV MRT Sat Mac
TV Amrita TV Malayalam
TV Asianet News Malayalam
TV Asianet Plus Malayalam
TV Asianet USA Malayalam
TV RTP Internacional América P
TV TV Verdade P
Radio RDP Internacional P
Radio Amrit Bani Pan
TV Polsat 2 Polish
TV TVP Polonia Polish
TV Tele 5 Polish
Radio Polskie Radio Jedynka Polish
Radio Polskie Radio Trójka Polish
TV Belarus TV R
TV CNL Amerika R
TV Impact TV Network R
TV Rodnoy TBN R
TV Soyuz R
Radio Radio Rossii R
TV Pro TV International Romanian
TV RSC 1 Romanian
TV RSC 2 Romanian
TV Realitatea TV Romanian
TV TVR International Romanian
Radio Radio Trinitas Romanian
TV Somali National TV So
TV 3ABN Latino Spanish
TV Bethel TV ` Spanish
TV Cubana de TV Spanish
TV Esperanza TV Spanish
TV Nacion TV Houston Spanish
TV Telesur Spanish
TV Madani Channel Urdu
TV Peace TV Urdu Urdu
TV Velayat TV Network Urdu
TV Little Saigon TV Vietnamese
TV Saigon TV Vietnamese
TV VBS TV Vietnamese
TV VTV 4 Vietnamese
TV Vietface TV Vietnamese
Radio 94 EFM Thai
TV DFH 1 Turkish
TV DFH 2 Turkish
TV DFH 3 Turkish
TV DFH 4 Turkish
TV DFH 5 Turkish
TV DFH 6 Turkish
TV DFH 7 Turkish
TV DFH Sports Turkish
TV Samanyolu TV Amerika Turkish
TV TRT 1 +8 Turkish
TV TRT Belgesel Turkish
TV TRT Müzik Turkish
TV TRT Türk Turkish
TV TRT Çocuk +8 Turkish

Free International Channels

Arabic, Iranian, Farsi, Chinese, English, Korean, Taiwanese, Spanish, Turkish, Indian, French, Vietnamese, Israel, Hebrew, Polish, Korean, Portuguese, Afghanis, Italian
American Digital's goal as a solution provider is to provide the best in quality and service at minimum price.

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American Digitals provides All Galaxy19 International Satellite TV Channels. Call now to get FTA channels to watch free International Satellite TV programs from around the world. Free To Air Satellite channels with installation.
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