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About American Digitals: electronics & technology sales, service & install serving Los Angeles & Southern CA.

About American Digitals

Welcome to American Digitals, the premier destination for home and business AV, security, communication, and IT products. We specialize in providing top-quality solutions and professional installations to enhance your living and working environments. With our comprehensive range of products and services, we are committed to delivering cutting-edge technology tailored to your specific needs.

American Digitals Products and Services:
American Digitals offers an extensive selection of products and services designed to meet both residential and commercial requirements.

Home AV Solutions:
Transform your home into an immersive entertainment hub with our home AV solutions. We provide a diverse range of audio and video equipment, including high-definition televisions, surround sound systems, and home theater setups. Experience the thrill of a cinematic experience within the comfort of your own home.

Business AV Solutions:
Equip your office or commercial space with state-of-the-art AV solutions that foster productivity and collaboration. Our business AV solutions include video conferencing systems, digital signage displays, and professional audio solutions. Create impactful presentations and seamless audiovisual experiences for your clients and employees.

Security Systems and Solutions:
Protect what matters most with our advanced security systems and solutions. We offer a wide range of surveillance cameras, access control systems, and alarm systems to safeguard your home or business. Our comprehensive security solutions provide peace of mind, allowing you to monitor and control your property remotely.

Communication Solutions:
Efficient communication is essential for any successful enterprise. Our communication solutions encompass a wide range of products, including voice-over-IP (VoIP) systems, intercom systems, and unified communication platforms. Streamline your internal and external communication channels for enhanced productivity and seamless collaboration.

IT Products and Services:
Stay ahead of the technology curve with our extensive selection of IT products. We provide reliable and cutting-edge technology to support your business operations, including networking equipment, servers, software solutions, and cloud computing options. Our IT services also include network setup and maintenance, data backup solutions, and cyber security measures.

Professional Installations:
Our team of experienced professionals specializes in delivering seamless and efficient installations for all our products. Whether it's setting up a home theater system or configuring a complex business network, our experts ensure optimal performance and functionality. Trust us to handle your installations with precision and expertise.

In conclusion, American Digitals is your trusted source for AV, security, communication, and IT products. We are committed to providing high-quality solutions that enhance your home and business environments. Explore our extensive range of products and services to find the perfect fit for your needs. Contact us today to discover how our cutting-edge technology can elevate your experience and improve your security measures.

Since 1999 we have provided electronics, computers, telephony and security equipment and services to end users as well as corporate, businesses and management companies with thousands of satisfied customers

American Digitals Business Sectors

Data / Telecom Wiring
New & Retrofit Structured Wiring
Security Camera Installs
Telephone & Intercom
IT Networking & Wireless
Internet & TV Communication
A/V & Smart Home Automation Wiring
LCD, LED & Plasma Screen Installation
Access Control System Installations
Commercial Sound System Wiring
Satellite TV & Free TV Installations
Satellite Dish & Antenna Removal

What We Provide

Security Camera Systems
Telephone Systems
Data / Telecom
Intercom & PA
Access Control
Home Theater Systems
Smart Home Automation Devices
Projectors & Screens
Electronics & iPad Devices
Computers & Printers
Electronics Wireless Devices, IPTV Boxes
Satellite Receivers, Dish & Antenna

Applications & Structures

Hospitality, Hotel & Motel
Medical & Healthcare Operations
Retail Operations & Corporate
Schools & Educational Industrial & Mfg
Restaurants - Bars
Residential & Multi-Unit Condos
Home Offices
Office Communication Expansion
Insurance & Doctor Offices
Commercial Digital Signage

American Digitals: located in Los Angeles since 1999

Call us: 800-264-0040 / 310-470-2320

What is American Digitals? American Digitals: your one stop source for all your Data, Internet, Phone, home entertainment, security and communication needs. Sales, Installation Support and Service for Home Theater, Home Security , Audio Video, Telephony Communications, Satellite TV, Internet, Networking, Intercom and Digital Signage Since 1999. For Free consultation and Estimate call us now or email info@americandigitals.com. With over 30 years of experience in customer satisfaction American Digitals specializes in home theater, TV, audio, video, DirecTV satellite TV, DirecTV installation, home security system and  installation services in Los Angeles CA by certified installers.

What makes American Digitals your best choice for electronics;  The best electronics and computer products, fair prices, expert installation, free estimates and consultation.  That extends to residential and commercial customers, including retail operations, the hospitality industry, and healthcare facilities.  Just let us know how we can help!. The best brand name products at great prices: It All Starts Here with your call to American Digitals!  Audio-Video, security camera systems, DirecTV, phone and intercom, digital signage and more. These are  just a handful of areas where we excel!  A representative will be glad to tell you about today’s hottest items and money saving specials when you call or email us.

Why you need security cameras in Los Angeles?
Crime is on the rise. Protect your home and business with security cameras installation in Los Angeles, Altadena, Orange County, Sherman, Marina, Alhambra, Norwalk and all southern CA cities. Live view of your loved ones and employees on internet, laptop, PC, Mac, iPod, iPhone or smart phone with American Digitals security camera systems in Los Angeles.

Why you should choose us as your Los Angeles security camera installation company?
Whether you are looking to install wiring for data centers, offices, commercial and residential buildings or just simple DVR security camera system, PC base security cameras, wireless cameras security, surveillance camera, security camera with audio, security camera with intercoms, cheap security cameras systems or intercom security camera you can count on our professional security camera installers to be there and provide quality installation .

Do we provide Phone systems and wiring? Time to upgrade your phone system?  Today’s best technology is right here at American Digitals.  Panasonic, Toshiba, NEC, X-Blue, VoIP or PBX…just leave it to our experts for the right system backed by unrivalled service. We can take care of installation and wiring, from the most basic to the most elaborate!  You may not believe how much your phones can do these days…we’ll be glad to tell you more when you call.

What is our history? Since 1999, American Digitals has led the way in superior electronics, from home entertainment and satellite TV to wiring and automation.  We also specialize in designing and installing top quality intercom systems, enhancing communication capabilities in single family construction, multi-tenant buildings, and offices.  Color LCD displays and door entry functions are just two benefits…consultation and estimates are FREE!

What do we do? We are certified and specialized in: home theater installation Los Angeles, TV installation in Los Angeles, home audio Los Angeles, audio video Los Angeles, home theater systems Los Angeles, audio video installation for hospitals, audio visual Los Angeles California, home audio video calibration, home theater installers Los Angeles, audio video installation Los Angeles, flat screen installation Los Angeles, projector installation Los Angeles, home theater installation Orange County, Los Angeles audio visual, commercial sound system installation, commercial audio visual installation, home security cameras, phone system installation  and best intercom system for homes and businesses.

Who are our customers? We serve variety of industries, from big corporations. Complete line of products  for Homes, Businesses,  Restaurants, Car Washes, Markets, Parking Lots, Temples, Churches, Gas Stations, Car Dealers, Hotel, Motels, Night Clubs, Hospitals, Doctors Offices, Dentist, Retail Shops, Gyms, Hair Salons, Spas, Warehouses, Clothing Stores, Pharmacies, Factories, Schools, Colleges and more. We are also NuTone, Aiphone, Phone System and Security Camera Installation. specialist in Los Angeles, Manhattan Beach and southern CA. We are also elite DirecTV Service and installation provider in Los Angeles,   Orange County California. Service Provider, Integrator & Installation Company in Local Los Angeles CA

What do we provide? Sales and installation of Electronics products; Plasma, projector, and 3D TVs, Commercial monitors, flat panels, and complete Media Rooms. It All Starts Here at American Digitals!  Why not set up a free consultation? We can custom design a system specifically to meet your needs and imagination, something unlike anywhere else!  Call us if you’d like to schedule a visit to your home, let’s get started. In need of “A-Plus” Networking for your home or office? American Digitals’ Certified Networking Technicians are at your service, and we can handle any size challenge including large commercial buildings.. 

American Digital is a multi facet company in U.S to provide technology products and related services.
Since our inception in 1999, our goal has been to provide exceptional platform to different through vertical market as well as local market through networks of experts. To excite our clients and customers we offer a one stop locations to In
c100 companies to enhance their offerings.
Companies which provide the best in it's
market include DIRECTV, HUGHESNET, EXEDE, DIRECVU, SONY, SAMSUNG, PANASONIC and many more depend on our ability, knowledge and expertise to distribute and service this vast U.S. market.
We offer  ENTERTAINMENT, SECURITY, SATELLITE INTERNET, COMMUNICATION products  in National Market through DIRECTORIES, LISTINGS plus other on-live vertical market and services for Local Markets.
we are always eager to create a new relation, please contact us

Offering installation, wiring and service for data, telecom, security , audio video, phones, intercom satellite and internet for homes & businesses, commercial, healthcare, hospitality, enterprises, offices in L.A. and Southern CA. Smart home automation, digital Signage We are specialist for all your home entertainment, security and communication needs.

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